Antwerp based Film/TV-Series Composer portfolio.

February 23, 2020

Some things I've been working on lately. My first steps into composing for movie/tv series! Follow the playlist to keep yourself updated. Some of the tracks where already used in the TV series 'Over Water'. Others I just made for my portfolio. Follow my composition adventures on jellevangielcomposer. 👈

Time keeps flying.. 

October 30, 2019


So, ¾ of a year has passed since I last updated

this website. That doesn’t mean nothing happen-

ed. On the contrary, I’ve been quite busy and I’ll

tell you all about it.

A little boy’s dream has come true! I finished my own little music studio as a garden office in the back of our garden, quietly between the trees and the squirrels. It has been a work in progress since March 2019, but yesterday we moved the final pieces of furniture and I’m all set up to play and compose in my own space now!

In February I met Raf Keunen by attending a masterclass of his, one thing led to

another, and over the past couple of months I have been assisting him on incredibly

cool projects like the series Over Water (second season) and the movie The Spy. After

a four month internship he accepted me into his team, so there will be more to come.

Very happy with this, it’s a growing ambition of mine to compose for different media.

I’m not always composing and teaching of course, there were some great gigs on stage as well:
•    Jelle Van Giel Group performed at Xpand and Mallejazz. Always nice to go back to Malle, my hometown and enjoy the support of the audience. Xpand is a place you should visit if you didn't do that yet. We played some of my new compositions, and I was happy with the result. Third album coming up, but slowly… :-)
•    The Jacquelines were invited at De Zevende Dag, a political tv-show on national television with musical intermezzos. Other cool shows were the Na Fir Bolg festival and the many commemora-tions of 75 years WW II Liberation.
•    Ella Ray recorded a new album. Mark the date in your calendar: January 30, 2020 we’ll play our replease at Rataplan in Antwerp.
•    After a couple of years, I went back to my favorite country

Lithuania in June, touring with Tango in Jazz. This is a project of

Leonardas Pilkauskas & Egidija Mačiulytė. We had an intense week of

rehearsing and playing. At the end of the tour we recorded a live con-

cert and the singles will be released online one by one. If you’re interes-

ted, here’s the link.
•    8 o’Clock Shadows don’t play very often (we should change that!) but when we

are  on stage, it’s show time. Bert Joris supported us, by letting the band play his

music and by joining us on stage with his magical sound on the trumpet.
•    I’ve started playing many gigs with Maxime Blesin, in different ensembles. He is

a guitar player/singer who plays Brazilian music beautifully, but also has really nice

own compositions as well.
•    I participated in Talent der Lage Landen, a singers competition in Antwerp which young and old candidates can attend. The title said it all: I spotted a lot of talent.

Since September I’ve been collaborating with Hans Mullens and Michel Bisceglia in their duo project, Svinhunder. In November we’ll go into the studio to record the results of our rehearsals and experiments. In December you are welcome at our try-outs, December 8 we'll play in De Studio in Antwerp, and premiere: December 18 in Diest. More info soon on the 'concerts' page!

If you like Christmas vibes and you missed our concerts last year, there is another chance to come watch Con Cuore and their project with music for choir and jazz trio. It's really fun and beautiful repertoire. I'll play together again with Trui Amerlinck on bass and Alex Koo on piano.

My band, Jelle Van Giel Group, performs in Wervik on January 25, 2020. We'll do some more new music. Come and check it out!

Concert list for the coming weeks:

 November 10: Afy, Heptone, Ittre

 November 22: The Jacquelines, Kaleidoskoop, Mortsel :: SOLD OUT

 November 27: The Jacquelines, Brugge

 November 29: Ella Ray, Kalmthout

 December 7: The Jacquelines, Schoten

 December 8: Svinhunder, Try-Out De Studio, Antwerp

 December 13: Svinhunder Try-Out living room concert, Geel

 December 14: Con Cuore X-Mas concerts, church, Ronse

 December 15: Con Cuore X-Mas concerts, church, Meulebeke

 Devember 18: Svinhunder, Première, Diest

 December 21: Con Cuore X-Mas concerts, church, Bellegem

 December 22: Con Cuore X-Mas concerts, church, Kuurne

This schoolyear I'm again teaching drums, bandcoaching and composition at the academy of Wilrijk and the Kunsthumaniora of Turnhout. With the composition class of the academy of Wilrijk we'll compose music for theatre. This project is organised by Compagnie Lodewijk/Louis and CC De Kern. The compagnie will rewrite A Midsummernight's Dream from Shakespeare. Performances will be in september 2020.

As you know, I enjoy travelling more than anything. In 2019 I went on a citytrip to London, escaping briefly from the work and the deadlines. We went to a show in the Barbican Centre, which is a crazy culture hall. In the summer holidays me and my family travelled South by car, with stops in Bordeaux, Biarritz, San Sebastian, Bilbao and the Spanish Pyrenees. I am pleased to announce that we celebrated our wedding in San Sebastian!


Time flies when you're having fun..

January 11, 2019

Hello everyone


A year flies when you’re having fun! Happy

new year to all of you and may 2019 be joyful,

musical and inspirational!


What happened in 2018? My wonderful

daughter demanded all my attention in my

spare time, as you could notice, but spare time was rare, since I was involved in many entertaining projects. I will highlight some for you:


Of course I enjoyed the concerts with my band, Jelle Van Giel Group, as always. In March we performed in de Loft, Leuven. It's always fun to play there, especially because of the personalised desserts they offer all bands, in our case a guitar shaped chocolate cake! In September we got to play at Appeltuinjazz, a venue with an incredible crowd, all music lovers. And of course, when there is a chance you might sell some albums, that’s when you forget your cds and lps at home... My partner scrambled our daughter and the dog in the car to rescue me. Albums were available in the break! And my daughter proved to be my biggest fan, when she heard the intro of Cape Good Hope, she freed herself from her mother’s grip and walked her way to the stage to be the literal “fan on the first row”. Adorable.


Secondly, I want to let you know that the long awaited second album of

The Jacquelines is now available! ‘Leaving the Circus’ was released in

October. The album has a beautiful cover, but of course it’s again the

songs that are outstanding. You will definitely recognise the typical

sound of The Jacquelines, although you will also notice that the band

has grown and uses a more modern approach from time to time. 

We are proud of the result and hope to play many concerts to present it to the audience!

March and April were crazy months, due to the intense rehearsal and

performance schedule of the musical Zoo of Life in the beautiful Elisa-

beth Hall next to the Antwerp Zoo. The musical was especially written

for the 175 year anniversary of the zoo. I got to play the drums in a

very cool orchestra and watch some famous Belgian actors on stage.

It was an incredible experience, but also highly demanding.


Since you know I try to get some inspiration when traveling, we deci-

ded to discover a new country, Denmark, this summer. It was an ama-

zing trip! We started calmy and relaxed in Ribe and the peninsula of

Mandø, then headed to the hipster city Årus, extended our stay in Co-

penhagen because we loved it so much and then ended by passing by

the cliffs of Møns Klint. One of our daytrips to the north of Copenha-

gen, where you can visit impressive castles and empty beaches, was one of the best days of summer!


When I got back, I had the honour to host this year’s edition of Jazz Wilrijk, inviting all the bands to come and play in different pubs throughout this town and inviting the famous and recently retired radio host, Jan Hautekiet, who took the crowd on a journey through his music collection, or at least a verrrry small part of it.


I won’t bore you by writing down all the gigs I played in the past

year, but I want to mention the concerts with Cal Tjader Project and the

gig in the delicious resto-bar Life is Art with Janos Bruneel and Tim

Finoulst. After such a lovely diner, our music blended better than ever.

Spoken Quartet performed in Rotterdam and received a great review in

All About Jazz afterwards.


The last highlights of 2018 were the Christmas concerts with Trui

Amerlinck and Alex Koo together with the Con Cuore choir. One

of the best early Christmas presents was the album of my brother Ke-

vin Van Giel and Lode Violet, to hear their version of my Lullaby for

Nelle, together with brassband, in my composition. I am very

proud of the result! They did a wonderful job.


So, that was the year that went by in a glimpse. What to expect in 2019, if it takes me another year to give you an update?


Ella Ray is a pop and soul singer who asked me to join her numerous band. Gathering

this many people to create an album is a challenge, but it is a great cooperation, and a

promising project to follow this year!


The 8 o’clock Shadows are now performing featuring Bert Joris. Check my Facebookpage to see all the events, but make sure you come watch one of our concerts this year. It is always a lot of fun, for us musicians but also for the audience, to (see us) play and this time with the Master trumpetist by our side.


Last but not least, I want to let you know that I’ve been working on piano scores for

Het Geluidshuis, Belgium’s best known radio play of books and stories. Their plays

are ingenious, both children and adults are fans of their work. If you understand

Dutch, get yourself a copy and enjoy!


I have been working on new songs for Jelle Van Giel Group, preparing for the third album already. Want a preview? Come to one of the concerts in March: Friday March 1 at Xpand, Beringen & March 2 at Malle Jazz, Oostmalle. The album will be released in 2020, so be patient, but stay with us, it will be worth it!

The Jacquelines - Leaving The Circus.jpg
Zoo Of Life 1
Zoo Of Life 2.jpg
The making of :: Leaving The Circus
Cal Tjader Project
Spoken Quartet :: LantaarnVenster
Making of :: Rise
Rise __ Kevin Van Giel & Lode Violet
Ella Ray.jpg
Het Geluidshuis Logo.jpg
The Jacquelines :: Leaving The Circus li
Life Is Art Jazz Bar

The Journey is officially released!

June 28, 2017

Hi everybody​

just to let you know that from today on The Journey is officially released in Belgium! You can buy them at Fnac Aalst, Brugge, Leuven & Wijnegem (Antwerpen and Brussel from next week), Rombaux Brugge, Vynilla Gent, Mark Sound Kraainem, Sax Leuven.

Summer and Autumn 2016

March 25, 2017

Hi everybody​

I’m very excited to tell you that all the different elements of Jelle Van Giel Group’s new album are ready and the album is being pressed as we speak! The mixing & mastering was done by Katsuhiko Naito in Avatar Studios, New York, which was a whole new way of editing an album, e-mailing forth and back. It was scary at first, not knowing how things would work out that way, but thanks to Katsuhiko’s boundless patience, I am thrilled with the final result. The next step was the lay-out. Sébastien Gairaud designed a beautiful artwork reflecting perfectly the spirit of the album. 










Last but not least, I could rely on Trui Amerlinck for the promo material (teaser & pictures), which she did with an amazing eye for mood and detail.





I am very grateful for this team of professionals I am surrounded with. I also want to thank Ari Hoenig and Stéphane Galland for writing beautiful quotes that you will read on the album cover as well!

Next month I will be going to Bremen again, where the world’s jazz scene meets at Jazzahead, to promote The Journey.  As for the release concerts, mark the dates: June 23, 2017 at De Singer, Rijkevorsel and June 24, 2017 at Jazz Station, Brussels. This will be the official release of the album, you will be able to buy it there at a discount!

Another opportunity to see Jelle Van Giel Group perform a special concert, is at CC ‘t Heilaar, Beerse on October 27, 2017. The brassband I have played in since I was 6 will play our repertoire, together with the septet. I have made special arrangements for this unique concert and I am really looking forward to this exceptional combination of playing with my own band and the brassband!


More good news:

  • I am selected to be on the “Wall of Talent” of Het Geluidshuis. I will arrange and compose for them in the future.

  • Café Akoestiek is reaching the end of season 2016-2017. Come and join us on May 18, 2017 for the last gig at Café Kornel: Gregory Frateur ft. The Jacks (Fre Madou, Stijn Wauters and myself). Next season these concerts are part of CC Berchem’s programmation, so we will keep on going!

  • There’s a gig with Igor Gehenot’s DELTA ft. Axel Tassel on April 14, 2017 at Confluent Jazz festival, Namur. Next on stage is Philippe Catherine, so I am really looking forward to the festival myself!

  • The Jacquelines’ second album recording is a wrap. It will be a great album, can’t wait for the release and your reactions! Moreover, we will be on a festival stage in the south of France in July, a trip we will enjoy for sure.

  • More touring this summer: Krema Kawa will perform 3 concerts on festivals and clubs in Slovenia in July!

  • Bravo Big Band has just released its first (amazing!) album, Another Story. I will play one of the release concerts with them on May 25, 2017 in Leuven.

  • Andres Liefsoens started a new project: Cal Tjadar Project. We’ll play all repertoire from the great Cal Tjadar in jazzclubs around Belgium.

  • Guido Belcanto requested “The Jacks” (The Jacquelines’ double bass, piano and drums musicians) to accompany him on stage on October 13, 2017 at CC Den Hoogen Pad, Maldegem, in a concert with the choir Canticorum.

Hope to see you at one of these concerts!

Summer and Autumn 2016

October 15, 2016

  • As I already mentioned last time, I’ve been enjoying composition a lot this year. This summer I entered the International Composition Competition for Young Composers, organised by Film Fest Ghent. Unfortunately I didn’t get selected, but it was very good practice and a lot of fun to do. It was only a first attempt to write for symphonic orchestra. You can check it here:

                                                                        (if you want to stop the audiotrack playing on the website, go to top right and hit the pause button)

  • I also tried my luck to become a freelance composer for Het Geluidshuis, they make great audiobooks for people aged 9 ‘till 109. Soon I will know whether they hire me!

  • More composition news: I am still working on my second album, so I created the song “Bonito” (Brazil) with the inspiration I got in the Christmas holidays when we were staying in this ecovillage.  Next to that, I wrote a lullaby for our little babygirl, “Lullaby for Nelle”, who was born on August 17.  In fact, this version was recorded in trio as an original birth card, but will be on the album performed by the septet.

  • Jelle Van Giel Group performed five nice gigs at Ripspiqué, Jazzkroegentocht, Rock Lobster Sessions, Maanrock and Jazz Wilrijk. The response was great and we enjoyed playing very much! If you want to attend another concert, there are three more to come: Lier Jazz (November 10), Jazznight @ CC ‘t Getouw (November 25) and OC De Djoelen (December 3). Afterwards me and the guys will enter the studio and record the second album for you!

  • Recently a series of local concerts in Berchem have started: Café Akoestiek offers a free concert every other month, with the spirit: “From the people of Berchem for the people of Berchem”. It’s a concept I came up with last year, and together with District Berchem and CC Berchem I was able to get things rolling. The first concert @ Café Cantaloop was very well received. Next on the agenda will be a concert of Braeckman / Wouters / Van Giel @ Café Het Been. But there will be more, so check out the facebooksite.

  • In November you should check out te project of Bravo Big Band with Eric Vaarzon Morel. I’ll join them for some flamenco vibes. [link]

  • The Jacquelines are recording and rehearsing new songs for the second album.  Krema Kawa had a crazy concert at the Zwarte Cross Festival in the Netherlands. Shakara United also played a fun gig and is ready to start up again.

  • Back to work in September. Unfortunately I had to quit one of the three music schools I was teaching, because it was a bit too much. You can now find me in Heilig Graf Turnhout and Academie Wilrijk.

  • Being a daddy is incredibly fun! As I hoped, it also gives me a lot of inspiration to write new things.  Nelle is so easygoing and happy, we even decided to take her on a first trip to the beautiful isle of Texel in the Netherlands. 








A nice surprise.. (keep reading)

May 16, 2016

Hi guys


A year has gone by since the release of Songs For Everyone, so a website update is a must!


It has been an incredible year, I am so happy and grateful for the way my debute album was received. Now it’s time to close the Songs For Everyone-chapter with some gigging. There will be nine concerts where you can listen to these songs live, before we enter the recording studio in December and create the second album! Check out Facebook!


What else can I tell you about 15-16?

  • Hevhetia arranged an album release in Japan, cool to know people are listening to my songs on the other side of the globe!

  • Next weekend the album Geo² of the Christian Klinkenberg Orchestra will be released. You can attend the concerts in Brussels on May 20 or Eupen on May 22.

  • In February I toured with the Vaiginis/Golovanov Jazz Lab in Lithuania. We had four great concerts in a row and it was a lot of fun to play with my friends there again. That country starts to feel like a second home to me...

  • London Baby! I started a trio project with Ant Law (guitar, UK) and Heikko Remmel (double bass, Estonia) called “Drowned in Sound”. The objective is to win the Gent Jazz young jazz talent contest and play there on stage next summer, fingers crossed! We had a first rehearsal in London this Spring and it sounds promising!

  • On International Jazz Day I was a featured host on TNGC Radio (UK) and I performed in Sounds Jazz Club with the Bravo Big Band, doing a project with Michel Herr. At first I was a bit nervous, since it was broadcasted live on RTBF Radio, but once we were playing, I really enjoyed it. Michel’s music is so inspiring.

  • I’ve been composing a lot this year. I was approached by the conductor of the Royal Band of the Belgian Navy to arrange two songs of my album for the 70th birthday concert of the marine. I was honoured to write for them and enjoyed listening to the live performance! Moreover, Echoes from the North was premiered by Brassband De Kempengalm Vlimmeren and the fanfare version a week later by VNA Rijkevorsel.

  • For the third year in a row I attended Jazzahead in Bremen. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of networking and socializing and had a great time meeting and reconnecting with the international jazz scene.

  • The Jacquelines are rehearsing new songs, working hard for the second album that will be recorded soon. I’ll keep you posted!

  • Krema Kawa or Shakara United fans, stay tuned, because this summer there are new opportunities to see us play!

  • I started working in the music school of Schoten, next to Wilrijk and Turnhout where I was already employed.

  • At the end of December 2015 I went to Brazil with my girlfriend to enjoy Christmas in a sunny vibe. It was unbelievable and surely another song will come out of it. The big New Year’s  surprise present  turned out to be ... a daughter, expected in August!


See you soon, on one of the concerts maybe?! Thanks for your continuing support!


Interview with Jelle Van Giel at Jazzahead 2016 for Jazz'Halo

May 3, 2016

Here you can find the link to the interview Jelle Van Giel did with Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther for Jazz'Halo:

Songs For Everyone: release concerts

June 21, 2015

Hi Everybody


This text is written by a happy man. The two release concerts Jelle Van Giel Group played at Jazz Station, Brussels, on 18 and CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder, on 19 of June, were very well received.


In the days before the release, the media also showed interest in my album: I was invited to Philippe Baron’s Le Grand Jazz at Musiq3, RTBF, and was interviewed by Dirk Roels on Jazz Rules, Urgent, another radiostation. Gazet Van Antwerpen asked to tell my story, reviews expressed their appreciation and on top of it all Cape Good Hope was broadcasted in Radio 1’s program Time Out! I am still expecting other reviews by Cutting Edge, DaMusic and Jazzmozaïek, it’s very exciting to wait for their opinion. I was especially honoured by the international interest in Songs For Everyone: I got great reviews in Germany, Israel, Slovakia and Poland, where we were ‘album of the week’ on !


I have to admit I was quite nervous on Thursday. The first release concert of my first album... I wanted everything to be perfect, after all the effort I put into it. But it was worth it: crowded house, great sound, nice vibes, good sales... Both the musicians & experts and the sympathisers (family & friends who don’t necessarily listen to jazz) were very generous with their compliments, it seemed that everyone truly enjoyed our performance. It means a lot to me that I have reached my goal: compose songs that please everyone.


On Friday I felt more relaxed. In combination with the great stage of CC Muze and the original setting that Tom Michielsen had invented we were able to create an unbelievably cosy and intimate atmoshere for the second concert. Thomas Mayade did a great job replacing Carlo Nardozza, who had made an unforgettable impression to the audience on Thursday. Of course, my other musicians nailed it two nights in row. I feel grateful to be surrounded by so much talent and energy on stage.


Of course, for those of you who are already in the possession of a copy, the first track of the cd says it all: the past two days should be ‘A New Beginning’. Motivated by the support and positive comments of the audience I will work hard to keep the train moving: I plan to play many more concerts in 2015-2016, to keep composing new songs and to release this debut album internationally.


Tune in on Radio 1 today, Sunday June 21, between 22h-23h, because rumour has it you’ll hear us again! And that’s for sure: you will hear from me again soon!




Songs For Everyone

April 16, 2015

Hi Everybody


Half a year has gone by and in the meantime many exciting things were brewing beneath the surface. Now the time has come to share them with you.


I’m glad to announce that my first album is being pressed as we speak. After an intense period of mailing, negociating, creating the lay-out together with Katsushika Garai, writing acknowledgements, gratefully receiving recommendations by John Ruocco and Jef Neve, and impatient longing, the result is incredibly satisfying! Cyanotype as a concept for the lay-out was a great discovery. Check the cover photo above!


Save the date! June 18 & 19 Jelle Van Giel Group plays two official release concerts at JazzStation, Brussels on Thursday and at CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder on Friday. You are very welcome to check it out, and an extra motivation might be the discount price of 10€ for the album instead of 15€. Tour dates for autumn and winter gigs will be announced later. Lithuanian fans can come and see us on August 22 in Palanga & August 24 in Vilnius, where I present the album with six talented local musicians/friends. Anyone still looking for a holiday destination: don’t hesitate!


You might have noticed on the group picture on the Facebook page that I have two new sax players: on tenor Bart Borremans, replacing Steven Delannoye, and on alt Tom Bourgeois, replacing Erik Bogaerts. Together we have been rehearsing the release concerts and the new music I have written since the album was recorded. You will hear the result in June.

Follow us on Facebook:














The Jacquelines, Shakara United, Krema Kawa and Christian Klinkenberg Orchestra were all working hard on new music, new albums and new live shows and now I am rehearsing with the bands to launch the results in the near future. Krema Kawa recorded a new EP featuring a few nice guest artists. I can’t tell you who they are yet, but I can promise that it will be a relaxing experience to listen to the chill vibes, in contrast with the great energy we show live on stage.


Another interesting project that I’m involved with, is the presentation of the Belgian Real Book. On April 30 (International Jazz Day!) the real book will be released and to honour this occasion, there is a concert at JazzStation, Brussels. If you cannot make it to the gig, you can listen to the radio broadcast on Classiq 3 RTBF.


Hope to see you in June! It would mean a lot to me.



Time for some bloggin'!

September 14, 2014

Again too long since I wrote something here, sorry about that.

Last time, when I wrote this, I was in Madrid relaxing after an intense period of playing and writing music. Now I'm writing to you from my brand new, modest, music studio in my house, preparing the new school year in two different schools. I started teaching at the Art School in Turnhout and at the Music School of Wilrijk in Antwerp. 

The last couple of months have been very nice, I've been travelling a lot. I went to Poland in April as a member of the 'We Will Rock EU' project to play some concerts but also to enjoy the Polish food and atmosphere. Different vibe than Belgium, but I loved it anyway. Koszalin, the place where we stayed, was very beautiful.

I also went to Jazzahead. This is a meeting in the expo center of Bremen where a lot of bookers, festivals, labels and groups present themselves. I was there to present Jelle Van Giel Group and search for a label for the debut album. I am currently negotiating about a contract with a label in Slovakia, Hevhetia. Let's hope we get to an agreement.

May 14th we did the first release concert with Eef Van Acker Quartet releasing our first cd: 'Shaping Memories' at the conservatory of Ghent. Afterwards we played one at Piano's Maene in Ruislede and one in Hopper in Antwerp. You can check out the music in the 'Media' section and then go to the Spotify playlist down below. I've put some other cds as well over there.

In june I invited some Lithuanian friends/musicians to come and play a few concerts. We played 3 times: in Antwerp, Brussels and Asse in quartet with Kestutis Vaiginis (sax), Dima Golovanov (piano) and I also invited Ruben Lamon from Belgium (double bass). Was fun and hope to do it all over again soon.

Bart Borremans Group also played 2 concerts in June. So fun to play his music with these great cats! 

With the Christian Klinkenberg Orchestra we started to play our first concerts. The first one we did, was in a little town close to Köln as a try-out, very funny and small place, and the second one was at the Music Marathon in Eupen. The 27th of September we will play a gig in Luxembourg and at the end of December in Maastricht. Looking forward to it.

With Krema Kawa we are producing our next album. Won't be released soon but I'll keep you posted about that.

In July I took a week off and went to Iznajar with my girlfriend. Andalusia is so beautiful! If you can, go there. July was pretty quiet so we did a few more trips and had fun going canoeing for my birthday on the river Lesse.

With The Jacquelines we were asked to play 2 surprise shows on a cruise ship that was sailing to Iceland. A special experience that was, I can assure you. The nice thing about going on a cruise for me was to see all these different places, waking up every morning with a different view. Sometimes it was a harbour with a bagpiper playing the national anthem, other days a big stone lava mountain covered with moss that had this beautiful green color, sometimes just water, lots of water.. So, they asked us if we can perform on other cruises again because they liked it really much, so they said! So we'll see for next year. Maybe Caribbean??












When I came back from the cruise I played with Shakara United for 'Zomer Van Antwerpen'. We played every night for five nights in a row. Was great but a bit heavy because I didn't get much time to acclimatise to the firm ground. If you're on the sea for 2 weeks, your brain thinks that it's logical that everything is shaking. So if you're back on land, your mind is still at sea, so it seems..

So then September came, I started in 2 new schools as I said. A lot of bureaucratics to deal with but that's Belgium I guess.

We did a very nice concert in De Roma, Antwerp, with The Jacquelines playing the music of 'Gee Oh Gee' and some new stuff. Was very exciting and the audience seemed to have loved it. I was amazed about how many people were there. Almost 600? 

In the period from September until December we'll do some try-outs with The Jacquelines, playing our new repertoire. That's very important since we want to make a new album. It will be all over Flanders, Belgium. Check the 'concerts' section!

I started rehearsing with Monkeys and Mermaids Orchestra for 2 concerts that will take place next week and the week after. First one is 21th at Café Cabron, Antwerp. The other one is the 28th in CC Schaliken, Herentals. We play a mix of jazz, pop, and open - scandinavic-like - music. Very interesting to me.

Something else, in October I will start another year of studies, this time with Bert Joris for composition at the conservatory of Antwerp. Looking forward to working with him!

Next to that I'm waiting for new orders to write music for a tv/radio commercial with Das Media. I'm working with them now on a freelance base. You can check some stuff in the 'Media' section, all the way down.

With 8 O'Clock Shadows we also have some concerts that you'll find in the 'Concerts' section. Great band, check them out. And if you like swing and dance music, you should come to a concert of Hot Feet Collective. We'll play a few times in Jazzcafé De Muze, Antwerp. 

Also looking forward to travelling to Rome at the end of October. Not for playing but for city tripping. I still haven’t seen all the history that was made over there..


This time I'll update you sooner!


All the best.

Happy '14

March 8, 2014

Hi Everyone.


First of all: happy new year! I'm writing this blog in Madrid, where I'm taking a couple of days off after an incredible start of 2014.


On January 26/27, we recorded the debute album "Songs For Everyone" with Jelle Van Giel Group. It was a great recording session thanks to the pre-recording sessions we played before. All musicians knew the songs so well that we recorded everything in one day. And I who had thought two days would be tight... Haha!


The album has already been mixed as well, so it just has to be mastered in April. Now I'm in search of a label that will help me distribute. The plan is to go networking at Jazzahead in Bremen in April. The back-up plan is producing it by myself if things don't work out.


After a short period of silence, The Jacquelines went back on stage in February to play a few concerts and got together to rehearse new tunes for the second album. The new songs are great, but I'm keeping more info on them a secret for now!


Last weekend the Eef Van Acker quartet spent two days in the Musica Fattoria studio in Osnabrück, Germany, to record the album "Breathe". It was a lot of fun to work in such a great place (with a pingpong table and great catering!) and atmosphere. The new songs turned out really well! You are invited to our release concert the 16th of may @ MAENE (Industriestraat, Ruiselede). 


Next to playing music, I have been composing a lot too lately. A new arrangement for Wind Orchestra and solo voice "Concerto Pour Une Voix", a piece for the Hans Zimmer Contest and right now I'm applying for Das Media, which means writing audio tracks for commercials. They are already interested in me working for them, but I still have to convince them.


If you feel like listening to live jazz this week, 8 o'clock Shadows are playing from monday till wednesday this week, in Antwerp and Gent. You can check out the concert page for more info.


Meanwhile Shakara United is writing new tunes for a new cd. We'll play a few of them next week in Vooruit, Gent, where we are the support act of Seun Kuti. Good news for Shakara: we have a booker for the Netherlands now. That sounds promising! Krema Kawa has been composing too. We're rehearsing a lot of new stuff with the rhythm section to prepare the summer gigs and the recording of the new album.


More projects that are coming up are Christian Klinkenberg Orchestra, a tentet with musicians from Brussels, who play very nice modern jazz arrangements from Christian and other members of the band. We will play some try-outs in Luxembourg and Germany before we perform in Brussels. Monkeys & Mermaids Orchestra, the band of Anne Marie Honggokoesoemo, have asked me to join the band. I will play my first gig with them in September, after a few try-outs in Antwerp.


You may have noticed that I have pimped my website. It looks the same, but with a modern touch. I like it! I hope you do too, so keep on reading my blog!


Postcard greetings from Spain

Little break with Jelle Van Giel Group

February 1, 2014

Hi, just to let you know we are taking a little break after all the concerts and the recording session we did. In a while we're gonna prepare for the release of the CD. New tunes will be written, ... The release will probably be at the end of this year or the start of 2015. I'll keep you posted!

Take care for now.

Little break with Jelle Van Giel Group

December 10, 2013

Download the brand new app of Jelle Van Giel Group to stay in touch with what we are doing! Photos and videos from the concerts and the recording session will be posted here. New concerts too of course. You can listen to some music or check what’s happening with the band.It’s very easy!

Go to with your smart phone and then add the page to your homescreen. From then on you can start using the app. Write something on the Fan Wall if you’re there.




Little update

November 12, 2013

Hi everybody!


My summer was pretty fun. Lots of nice gigs on the calendar, starting with the Gentse Feesten in July. With Shakara United we opened the party week at the Charlatan, but we also performed on Polépolé, on the stage above the water. Later this summer, we were the house band of the Bollekesfeesten in Antwerp. We performed three sets throughout the day, entertaining the beer tasting audience.


The Jacquelines also performed in a beautiful setting on the Gentse Feesten, at the Spiegeltent, a round tent decorated with mirrors and jugendstill garments. The location matched perfectly with our style and songs. It was packed with people who enjoyed it very much.


A few days later Krema Kawa faced a storm when going on stage at Sint-Jacobsmarkt, but we got the crowd dancing in the rain anyway, and the square filled up completely! It was raining so hard that the stage flood and I slipped… painful and wet… Great experience!


Also with Krema Kawa this summer we were the headliner for the ‘Muziek in de wijk’ festival. We played 5 days in a row at the beginning of August in different places around Antwerp. They said we were the first Belgian headliners in the history of that festival, a real honour. We ended the festival season at the Afro C Festival in Bredene before the act of The Skatalites. It was great to hear them play!


In August NeoN3rd was invited to play at the television show ‘Villa Vanthilt’ on the channel ’Eén’, at the seaside in De Panne at sunset. It was nice to meet the other guests like Tom Waes and Dirk Brossé. It wasn’t the only tv show we were at in the last few months. We played at TV Limburg too.


The musical 'The Wizard of Oz', of which I played the drum tracks that were recorded in May, started the shows in August. I went to the avant-premier and was impressed by the whole show.


In the summer months, The Jacquelines played at some more festivals, like Vama Veche in Bruges, Retro Jadrin in Diest, Gordelfestival and Vleugelpop. In September we changed the festival stages for the cultural centres of Knokke Heist, Ukkel, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, Avelgem, Scherpenheuvel, Bierbeek, Heist-op-den-Berg and Sint-Lievens-Houtem. It was a pleasure to play for these listening audiences who always gave us great energy.


The 8 o’clock Shadows played a gig at the Hopper café and at Kievitsnest, two locations in Antwerp. Playing with this jazz collective is great fun and the future looks very promising… Another collective, the Hot Feet Collective, brought swing to dance parties in various places. Triple Eight, the group led by Nick Puylaert, also played a few gigs that are always fun to take part of.


In October I had a recording session in trio with Karel Cuelenaere and Piet Verbist. We recorded one song that I wrote and it will be on the cd that the Jazz department of the Conservatory of Antwerp releases on the occasion of its 20st anniversary.


The Bart Borremans Group started rehearsing and playing try-outs in Muze and Jazzoet preparing for the Lier Jazz Festival, which took place last weekend. We played in a beautiful chapel which created an amazing atmosphere. The audience also appreciated it a lot. Bart’s music is incredibly beautiful and takes you on a journey through filmic images, just like I intend to do with my own band.


The first weekend of November the concert Songseveria took place, where I could listen to my own arrangements performed by the orchestra and choir of Sint-Lenaarts. It was a very special feeling to hear these songs live instead of on Sibelius… They did a great job!


Jef Neve wants to play a song that I wrote for my own band, Cape Good Hope – Song for Africa. He’s probably gonna orchestrate it for his own ‘Sons of the New World’-band. Very, very honoured..!


Also a few new groups will soon be added to the list.. I’ll keep you posted about that, when everything is confirmed.


After all these events I went on holidays with my girlfriend to Paris: relaxing, eating French cheese and enjoying their wine! Now, all eyes on the end of January, when we start recording the debut album of my band. Very exciting!


Also: the new Soultone cymbals arrived! Having fun with them. The vintage type is my favorite. The new drum kits are also being shipped. I’ve chosen the new DW cherry kits because I really like the warm sound of the wood and the tuning range. Can’t wait to play them!Because I bought new drumkits, I need to get rid of some old stuff, unfortunately. You can check the gear if you click here… If you are interested or you know somebody who would be, let me know! Maybe I’ll give you a special price!


Thanks for staying in touch,

see you soon!



Ps. concerts page will be updated soon..

What I was doing the past six months..

July 10, 2013

It’s been a while since I let you in on my activities, again… Fortunately this is due to my busy schedule..


As you may have read before, I started the third bachelor in Composition with Kris Defoort in Brussels. Now I am glad and proud to announce that I graduated after learning many interesting new things in this great year. I decided not to do the master, although they had asked me to continue, because my activities don’t allow it right now. It’s a pity, but who knows, maybe in the future… There’s definitely no lack of inspiration: I’ve started composing repertoire for piano trio. It’s a new challenge I really like. To be continued… In the meantime, listen to one of the eight pieces I had to write for my exam:

Click me..


The Jacquelines were invited by national tv and a few radio stations to perform live versions of our singles Gee oh Gee, Japanese Boogie and Shiny Sara. Radio 2, Radio 1, Studio Brussel, Q Music, MNM and Joe FM now know who we are! We also had a lot of concerts in cultural centres and on festivals, such as Genk on Stage. Nice anecdote why I mention this one: we were playing there on my birthday and backstage every single crew member remembered to congratulate me, I even got a bottle of champagne on stage after our gig… Amazing! September will be a crazy Jacquelines month, many concerts on the calendar already and requests still coming in…


The Jelle Van Giel Group enjoyed playing a few concerts in the beginning of 2013, andcheck this review out. Our audience seemed to like it just as much! If you want to listen, I’ve put a few songs on Soundcloud and Youtube. What’s next?! In January you can come and listen to our pre CD recording sessions for the cd we are about to record at the end of that month. You can find the concert dates on the concerts page. I am planning a digital release in April and the album release in autumn 2014. Really excited! I also want to welcome Tim Finoulst, replacing Lucien Fraipont on the guitar, since he had a very busy schedule.


Krema Kama has been taking active part in the festival season, not only in Belgium, but we even got the opportunity to tour in Rumania in May. The video footage will be on Youtube soon. The summer will bring more concerts and afterwards the band will take a sabbatical to work on more music and surprise you with new material. Keep following us on Facebook to know more!


NeoN3rd released its debut album in May. There are a few nice guest performances on it,such as Veerle Baetens singing along, Kurt Van Eeghem doing a whistle solo, Tom Lodewijckx playing crazy guitar riffs and the Heavy Horns contributing the best of their blowing skills. We didn’t miss our start: Radio 1 picked up the single Stop! and thanks to Bert Lezy we have a beautiful animated video clip of this song:

Click me..


Another cd-release I was involved with, by Shakara United, this spring received very good critics in newspapers as De Morgen and on We played on some nice festivals and there are more coming up in summer. Good to know: I wrote four songs you can find on the album, and one of them, Terra Prometida, was turned into a video clip:

Click me..


In between being on stage and studying Composition, I have still been working hard on the arrangements for Wind Orchestra and choir. They will be performed at the end of 2013. I am very curious to hear them performed live!


Last but not least: with the Eef Van Acker Quartet we are planning to record an album. I’ll keep you posted about it! Sam Joris also started a group with some nice young cats. You can listen to our studio rehearsals on Soundcloud. I’m very excited about this project because it’s an opportunity to write for octet and all musicians are taking part in this. Hot Feet Collective is a new collective gathered by Joppe Bestevaar, playing swing-jazz at lindy hop parties. It’s so much fun to play while people dance the swing! Next to that, I did some cd-release concerts with Canopée, a French group that mixes poetry with jazz and rock music. Check them out! Another extra for me were two classical projects: recording a cd with the Belgian Air Force and also with Chamber orchestra Chapelle De Lorraine for the Wizard of Oz in the great Galaxy Studios in Mol. Also Pretty excited about the newest project of Bart Borremans. We are starting rehearsals and will play our first official gig at Lier Jazz in November somewhere.


In the coming months there will also change some stuff for me, drum gear wise. I have a new endorsement with Soultone cymbals and maybe gonna go to DW because they bought Drumcraft and I have the chance to go to the company along with DC. I’m checking the drums now. They are incredible.. Ö


I am writing this to you from Vilnius, Lithuania. I played a few gigs with Kestutis Vaiginis and Dmitrij Golovanov here and in Trakai, an idyllic village by the lake, where we performed on a boat circling the famous red castle by sunset.


Postcard greetings,





January 16, 2013

Happy New Year, I know it’s a bit late but better late then never!


So what have I been up to? Celebrating the last days on earth and celebrating that nothing happened (those Maya’s..) ..ALSO: with the Jacquelines we’re preparing the release party of our first CD! Check for more info! You can still order tickets. It’s on the 24th of january. After this release concert there will be a little FNAC-tour around Flanders. At the end of this year we will do a tour in the major Cultural Centers in Belgium and a little club tour at the end of March. For the rest we will play at some nice festivals during the summer! The new videoclip from the new single of The Jacquelines is also online now. Check it here.


With Shakara United we are finishing the recording we did last October. Around April the CD will be there. Now they are still mixing and mastering like crazy! We will also make a video clip out of one of the songs we recorded and it will be from a tune that I wrote. That’s great and I’m honored! Really curious how it’s gonna look like. On 17th of February we will play the support act of Ebo Taylor, one of the great living legends of Afro Beat, at Trix, Antwerp. For more info check the ‘concerts‘ page. For the rest we will do some release concerts @ De Roma, Antwerp and in Charlatan in Ghent. Come and check it out. We have some crazy, funny music.With Krema Kawa we are recording a new single. This Monday we did the drum tracks bass, keys, guitar and also some percussion. Gonna be a fun song! Also probably we will have new tour dates in March. Probably back to the Balkan! Looking forward. During the summer we will play some nice concerts in Belgium and probably also in Madrid. The warmer the better.. Still a lot of things to be confirmed.


I’ve been writing some new arrangements for wind orchestra and mixed choir. I’ll do 10 of them for the concert the orchestra will do in November. Fun work! I’m also planning a recording session with Jelle Van Giel Group somewhere around April. Hope it will work to get all my (soooo busy) musicians together and record the music. We will play a concert @ De Lokerse Jazzclub on february 2nd. Join the good vibes! Check it here. in between I’m teaching my students how to hit the drums and working a lot for school, studying classical 4-part writing, orchestrating sonatas from Mozart, Tchaikovsky .. to symphonies, learning to conduct, writing a lot for Kris Defoort and trying to write some big band arrangements. Fun but loooots of work!!


That’s it for now. Stay tuned and hope to cu soon at one of the concerts!


All the best.

Number one hit in Spain, CD-recording Shakara United, Krema Kawa tour, varia

January 6, 2013

We managed to get at number 1 with Krema Kawa in the hit chart of UnoDeCincuentayuno. That’s really great news! After 18 weeks.. We can stay there longer if you vote for us so please do! Hopefully this means that we will go to the south of europe soon to play some concerts! (getting cold here) Some Belgian press already picked it up and wrote something about it.

With Shakara United we just recorded our first CD and it sounds really nice! Everybody played at their very best. The vibe was great, especially in the 2th and 3th day. We still need to do the vocals and some mixing and mastering and hopefully the CD/LP will be there from february 2013 on. Keep you posted!

We also did a tour with Krema Kawa in Vienna – Austria, Budapest – Hungary, Velenje – Slovenia and Ptuj – Slovenia. We played in little, nice clubs. We did 1 gig for television in Hungary. Curious how it looks like. To much crazy faces probably.. Anyway, it was a very nice tour and we managed to see some nice things in the cities we were in. We have a little teaser from the trip. The roadmovie will follow soon.

I think I also fell in love with Ptuj. It’s like the oldest city of Slovenia and is very pittoresque and colorfull. So beautiful! Fun times, and hopefully we can do a tour like this in Spain very soon.

The live recordings we made with Jelle Van Giel Group last september at De Singer are not usable so probably we will get in the studio soon to make the recording ‘Songs for Everyone’. Hope it will work out. Also we have a new member, Steven Delannoye on tenorsax. He’s gonna replace Peter Hermesdorf. I want to thank Peter for the nice music and moments we made together!

With the Jacquelines we are in the top 50 of the VOX-list of Radio 1. You can vote for us so we can get our first single ”Hypochondria” to number 1! If you vote before 10/11/12 you have to use this link. Afterwards it’s this one. Thanks in advance!!


last but not least: Something i recently read. Written by Kurt Van Eeghem, a Belgian TV presentator, Radio maker, knowallandeverything. His view of how to save the future: ‘Kan kunst de wereld redden’I think he’s very, very right..


Conservatory of Brussels, new upcoming European tourdates with Krema Kawa, and other stuff

September 18, 2012

Next week I will start my lessons at the Conservatory of Brussels! That’s right, Jelle’s gonna study a bit more. This time no drums but composition with Kris Defoort. Really looking forward working with Kris! Also it’s nice to be more in Brussels and I’m starting to appreciate it much more then before. Also met some very nice musicians when I went there once for a jamsession.

At the end of october we’re gonna do another, bigger European tour with Krema Kawa. We’ll travel like 12 days and are going to play in some very nice clubs. I’ll keep you posted about where and when.. So come back and check it! I also wrote an arrangement for wind orchestra and choir and they rehearsed it and told me it sounds really nice, so I’m very happy about that! I didn’t know how it would sound with the full orchestra because I don’t have enough experience for that, but now it will grow. That’s also partly why I wanted to do it. It was a very interesting thing to do and they asked me to make more arrangements later this year.. Maybe I could record it when they perform them live. Then I’ll put it here so you could check it.

For the rest I’m doing some fun recordings with NeoNerd and also with Shakara United (a really nice Afrobeat project I play in, it’s gonna be in october).With my band, Jelle Van Giel Group, we did a live recording last friday (14/09/2012) and it went really well. Now I’m checking the multitracks of the concert and it sounds really nice. Hopefully I can manage to get a CD out of it.. Also there are some plans with Jelle Van Giel Group and China and something with Australian Radio.. Come back for that later on this year if you’re curious about what I mean.. That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading!

Summer, some traveling with Krema Kawa, writing, …

August 6, 2012

Hi all, long time since I wrote something here,

again My summer is pretty busy with some nice ‘out-of-the-country’ concerts. With Krema Kawa we did some touring in Fuerteventura and Switzerland already, was great (!), and next week we’ll go to Hungary and Czech Republic. Going strong with this band (In september maybe playing in Marocco), also listed in the most important top 50 music list in Spain! And now MnM and other Belgian radiostations are also getting us in their top 50 list. Exciting!I’m also doing some writing.

I recently wrote an arrangement for wind orchestra and choir. It was quite a challenge but I think I managed. Also planning to study composition from next year on. Just for the fun of it.

The Jacquelines are ready for ‘booming’. More about that later. Fun, busy times!


Thanks for staying in touch.

Upcoming things

April 25, 2012

Hi all!

Little update:

Tomorrow, 26/04, I’ll be playing @ Dranouter Bad with Krema Kawa.

28/04 we play with Krema Kawa @ a private party in Stekene and afterwards @ Das Rock, starting at 01:30h.

Sunday, 29/04 @ 15h: Heldenconcert – mini bigband o.l.v. Kevin Van Staeyen. Afterwards at 22:45h we’ll be playing with Krema Kawa @ Festival Aan Zee.

Monday 30/04 we’ll be playing with Krema Kawa @ Koninginnedag, Dongen.

For the rest I had some fun gigs with The Jacquelines. Still preparing the CD for launching! That’s it for now.


Stay tuned!


March 20, 2012

I started to experiment with music on images, like movies or games…My first experiment is a fact! Hope you like it! I’ll keep experimenting and will add al the new movies on my blog so stay tuned!

Jelle Van Giel Group

March 6, 2012

Proudly presenting my new project! Injune we will play some try-out concerts. Inseptember the official release of Jelle VanGiel Group will be at De Singer,Rijkevorsel, with a live CD-recording! Hi, just to let you know we are taking a little break after all the concerts andthe recording session we did. In a while we're gonna prepare for the releaseof the CD. New tunes will be written, ... The release will probably be at theend of this year or the start of 2015. I'll keep you posted!Take care for now.

Lithuania, Africa and some Cd-releases

February 4, 2012

Hi all!

Long time since I did some blog writing. What have I been up to? At the end of december I went to Lithuania again with a nice group to do some Christmas concerts. This was with: Kestutis Vaiginis on Sax, Celeste Alias (ESP) voice, Marco Masquida (ESP) piano and some really nice local bassplayers from Lithuania. Then in January, 2 days after I came back from Lithuania, I went to Africa! Because of the cancelling of this tour we normally had last year (2011) in august, we got the tickets so we rebooked them and went the first 2 weeks of january. Was great! We stayed in the Lodge of Hein Van De Geyn. Also, the CD of Krema Kawa is released and also the CD of The Jacquelines is becoming reality. Probably we even can sign it with a Major label: Sony Music. Also with the group NeoNerd (also known as Lady and the Nerd) we have a recorddeal with Hans Kusters so we can record a full album! For the rest I have lots of nice little gigs in Belgium. Also writing a lot for my new group! The premiere will be in September in De Singer, Rijkevorsel with live recording! (in june we will do some little gigs as try out, check my concertspage for updates..)

WeTrio & Endorsement

September 14, 2011

Hi all!

Long time since I did some blog writing. What have I been up to? At the end of december I went to Lithuania again with a nice group to do some Christmas concerts. This was with: Kestutis Vaiginis on Sax, Celeste Alias (ESP) voice, Marco Masquida (ESP) piano and some really nice local bassplayers from Lithuania. Then in January, 2 days after I came back from Lithuania, I went to Africa! Because of the cancelling of this tour we normally had last year (2011) in august, we got the tickets so we rebooked them and went the first 2 weeks of january. Was great! We stayed in the Lodge of Hein Van De Geyn. Also, the CD of Krema Kawa is released and also the CD of The Jacquelines is becoming reality. Probably we even can sign it with a Major label: Sony Music. Also with the group NeoNerd (also known as Lady and the Nerd) we have a recorddeal with Hans Kusters so we can record a full album! For the rest I have lots of nice little gigs in Belgium. Also writing a lot for my new group! The premiere will be in September in De Singer, Rijkevorsel with live recording! (in june we will do some little gigs as try out, check my concertspage for updates..)

Baltics and Cd-recordings

August 15, 2011

Hi! Some updating again.July was a heavy month with a lot of playing and two CD-recordings who are gonna be great I think; In August I went on tour in the Baltics with Dependent Ensemble. Was really nice but pretty heavy. After this another recording session with Krema Kawa and the producer of Manu Chao, Gambeat. And then normally I went to Africa today with a bigband project of Jeunesses Musicales but it was cancelled because of sponsor problems. For the rest I’m gonna teach at Popacademix in Halle, Brussels.

Baltics and Cd-recordings

August 15, 2011

GRADUATED!!!!!! Thanks to everybody who came and supported me!

JMI – Africa

May 5, 2011

Hi, just a quick notice. Got selected for an international big band project of ‘Jeunesses Musicales International’. With this Big Band we will do 1 week of rehearsals and 1 week of playing in … AFRICA!! Also some other really nice Belgian musicians were chosen for this project: Bram De Looze, Peter Delannoye and Marjan Van Rompay. Really looking forward!


April 24, 2011

Hi all!

Some new blogwriting now I found some time: The gigs I did with Harvie S, Michael Rörby, Olaf Tarenskeen and T.S. Galloway in the beginning of april were really fun! We did 3. Two of them were in quartet without T.S. Galloway. When we played with the quintet we also did a recording. After that we did an intensive week of rehearsing with The Jacquelines preparing for our first CD. The third week of april was ‘Dependent Quartet time’. First of all we did some gigs in Belgium and The Netherlands and in between a lot of rehearsing. Then finally after that we had a really nice recordingsession in Amsterdam with a great sound engineer called Lex Tanger. We’ll try to bring out a full album, if we find some money ofcourse. Now I’m rehearsing with YJO and Bob Mintzer for some concerts in Flagey, Brussels and CC De Meent, also in Brussels. Really fun and Bob is a great guy. Last but not least I got an endorsement from Drumcraft! It’s a young brand from Germany. I ordered my drumkits and I will have them in about 3 months. Really excited about that!

Thanks for staying tuned.

Some things with Harvie S & Bob Mintzer

March 14, 2011

In the beginning of april I’m gonna do some gigs with Harvie S (USA), a nice bassplayer who plays with some amazing cats, and Michael Rörby, a great Swedisch tromboneplayer who’s living in The Netherlands and works a lot in USA and Paris. Also T.S. Galloway is in the band and Olaf Tarenskeen. Really looking forward to that! I’m also starting to write some new music for my final exam. That’s gonna be on 31st of May in 'Kees Van Barenzaal' at the conservatory of The Hague. It’s gonna be in Septet probably. With Dependent Trio we’re doing some gigs in Belgium and The Netherlands at the end of April and afterwards we’re recording our first cd. For this project we’re also inviting Paulius Volkovas, a nice guitarplayer from Lithuania. After this project, the same week, I’ll be rehearsing with YJO and Bob Mintzer for some gigs. Also The Jacquelines are making plans for recording there first cd, probably also in April.

So that month’s gonna be pretty heavy!


January 16, 2011


Some news: International Dutch Quartet is going to the finals of the Leidense Jazz Awards. They’re also gonna play at Jazz à Vienne on the 12th of july! Looking forward! With Royal Roost we are planning some nice new things. All the dates for the concerttour of Eef Van Acker Quintet Are fixed. 25 concerts in some nice Jazzclubs around Belgium. Still have to put them on the website. I’m maybe gonna work with some new groups but that’s something I will let you know later.. Nothing shure yet. For the rest there is a chance we can go and play with Artefact Trio in Sicily. HORO-records invited me to come and play a concert there.Also gonna have some lessons from Martijn Vink!! Finally!

Thanks for staying tuned!

New trio: ArteFact

December 9, 2010

Monday the 6th of december I had a nice gig with Walter Wolff and Francesco Angiuli at Murphy’s Law. For the rest I’m starting to rehearse with Sri Hanuraga and Francesco Angiuli again in trio. An other project that’s coming up is also gonna be really nice. I’m not gonna say to much but it’s with a nice piano player from London..


Lithuania & Paris again, and China

November 21, 2010

Finally I’m back & updated!

It has been busy times: at the end of August I went to Lithuania with Dependent Trio to play some gigs. In september I went to Paris again to play 2 concerts on a Festival with Rita Zipora Group. October was China month. I went with TD Sextet to Shanghai and Nanjing. There we played at the Nanjing Jazz Festival, 4 concerts. Was really great experience! After this I went to Latvia and Lithuania again with Dependent trio. We played in Riga, Vilnius and Kaunas on festivals and in some nice jazzclubs. There were so many people that even the stage was full.

Conclusion: these last months were great! December will be quiet so that means study my ass off!


May 3, 2010

Hi to all of you.

Long time since I wrote something here, again.. Sorry for that.

Just got back from a nice gig-trip to Paris with Natacha in Wonderband. We played in some nice jazzclubs. Club Universel and 25 Est. We also went to the concert of Wolfgang Muthspiel with Larry Grenadier on Bass and Rick Margitza, who replaced Chris Cheek, on tenor sax. Now I’m rehearsing for my drumrecital with a nice trio: Sri Hanuraga – Piano and Francesco Angiulli on Bass. Excited about that. Gonna make that my new project. For the rest playing some nice gigs and maybe even in China in october. That’s not final yet..


January 10, 2010

Happy newyear everyone, hope you all had a great time.

So, just a quick update, lots of stuff going on at the moment:

21th of January we’re gonna play at the finals of the Leidense Jazz Awards with the Marjan Van Rompay Group. With Natacha Crawford we’re gonna play in Paris at the end of april. The Lennart Heyndels Quintet is gonna record a demo in february. We also did a recordingsession with the Marjan Van Rompay Group in the beginning of january. That was very nice. I started rehearsing with Carlos Ema (piano) in trio with Lennart Heyndels on the bass. For the rest I updated my gigs on the website and myspace. Hope to see you around on one of them (the gigs, not the websites).

Nice gigs

December 14, 2009

It’s been a long time since I wrote something on my website. Sorry about that! I had some nice gigs with Marjan Van Rompay Group, YJO, … With this last band we did a recording for a demo and that same evening we played at the radioshow of Jef Neve and Lies Steppe. It was nice but hard work! Lennart Heyndels made his own group with Marjan Van Rompay on altsax, Arnau Garrofé Farràs on tenorsax, Sinil Jo on guitar and me on drums. In february we are gonna make some recordings. Curious about that. We decided to do some more gigs with Special Afro Crème Connection Antwerp so I’ll keep you posted on that. For the rest I’m rehearsing with Natacha Crawford Group for some gigs. Normally also in Paris so that’s really nice!

The Hague, S.P.A.C.C.A.

September 7, 2009

* Finally arrived at The Hague and decorated the room. Now where gonna see how long it takes before the neighbours complain about my drumpractise..

* 29/08 whe did our first gig with the Special Afro Crème Connection. It was a lot of fun and whe had some great responds.

The Hague

August 2, 2009

Next week I’m starting my study at the Conservatory of The Hague. Very curious about that and I’ll keep you posted.

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