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 Friday, April 24 2020 @ Hof De Bist, Antwerp :: 22h

Monday, May 4 2020 @ Hopper café, Antwerp :: 21h

Sunday, June 7 2020 @ Café Des Arts, Antwerp :: 21h

Saturday, October 3 2020 :: Jazz Wilrijk, Wilrijk :: 19h

Thursday, April 22 2021 @ Jazz At Felix', Hoeilaart :: 20h


* Saturday, January 25 2020 @ GC 't Forum, Wervik

* Friday, March 01-2019 @ Xpand, Beringen

* Saturday, March 02-2018 @ Malle Jazz, GC Oostmalle

 * Wednesday, June 27-2018 @ Cabron, Antwerp 


* Wednesday, September 05-2018 @ USA Jazz Club, Antwerp

* Saturday, September 22-2018 @ Appeltuin Jazz, Leuven  

* Wednesday, February 21-2018, CD/LP RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ CC De Kimpel, Bilzen

* Saturday, March 17-2018, CD/LP RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ De Loft, Herent

* Friday, October 27-2017, Jelle Van Giel Group + Brassband @ CC Heilaar, Beerse

* Friday, November 3-2017, LP RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ Rocklobster Sessions, Antwerp

* Sunday, November 5-2017, LP RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ Hopper, Antwerp

* Friday, September 22-2017, CD RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ Jazz In Thals - club concert, Herentals

* Saturday, September 23-2017, CD RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ La Conserve, Leuven

* Thursday, August 31-2017, CD RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ Hevhetia Fest, Budapest, HU

* Saturday, September 02-2017, CD RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ Jazz In't Park, Gent

* Friday, June 23-2017, CD RELEASE PARTY  The Journey @ De Singer, Rijkevorsel

* Saturday, June 24-2017, CD RELEASE PARTY The Journey @ Jazzstation, Brussel

* Saturday, 25 November 2016 @ Jazz Night 't Getouw, Mol.

* Saturday, 3 December 2016 @ OC De Djoelen - Jazz Kitchen, Antwerpen.

* Sunday, 9 October 2016 @ Jazz Wilrijk, Wilrijk.

* Thursday, 10 November 2016 @Lier Jazz .

* Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ Ripspiqué; Grote Markt 27, Lier.

* Friday, 10 June 2016 @ Jazzkroegentocht Sint-Andries, Antwerpen.

* Saturday, 11 June 2016 @ Rocklobster Sessions.

* Friday, 26 August @ Maanrock, Mechelen.

* Friday, 27 May 2016 @ Jenevermuseum Hasselt ft. Igor Gehenot; Witte Nonnenstraat 19, Hasselt.

* Friday, 19 June 2015 @ CC Muze; Dekenstraat 40, 3550 Heusden-Zolder. Release concert 'Songs For Everyone'

* Thursday, 18 June 2015 @ Jazz Station; Chaussée de Louvain 193a-195, 1210 Brussels. Release concert 'Songs For Everyone'

* Monday, 3th of february 2014, 21h @ JazzClub Houtum Street, Kasterlee

* CD recording @ Ace Studio: 26-27 of january 2014

* Monday, 20th of january 2014, 21h @ Jazzcafé De Hopper, Antwerpen

* Thursday, 16th of january 2014, 22h @ Jazzcafé De Muze, Antwerpen

* Sunday, 12th of january 2014, 20h @ CC De Muze, Heusden-Zolder

* Friday, 20th of december 2013, 21h @ Jazzora, Leuven

*Friday, 8th of march 2013 @ Jazzzolder; Sint Romboutskerkhof 2 (Wollemarkt), Mechelen.

* Saturday, 2th of february 2013 @ Lokerse Jazzclub; Gasstraat 27, Lokeren.

* Friday, 14th of september 2012 @ De Singer; Bavelstraat 35, Rijkevorsel.

* Sunday, 3th of june 2012 @ De Hopper; Leopold De Waelstraat 2, Antwerp. TRY-OUT!

* Saturday, 2th of june 2012 @ De Muze; Melkmarkt 10, Antwerp. TRY-OUT!


The Jelle Van Giel group is a septet based in Belgium, Antwerp. In 2015, the band released his debut album 'Songs For Everyone' to the world. The album was received very well. Now, Jelle Van Giel Group will release a new album that takes the listener back in tow: 'The Journey'. You recognize in eight compositions again the inspiration Jelle took from daily life, but also from overwhelming travels and other experiences. The Journey is a trip through enchanting musical landscapes where everyone feels at home.



Carlo Nardozza – Trumpet

Egor Doubay– Tenorsax

Tom Bourgeois – Altsax

Tim Finoulst – Guitar

Bram Weijters – Piano

Janos Bruneel – Double Bass

Jelle Van Giel – Drums/Compositions


The new album was recorded in December at Fattoria Musica Studios, Osnabrück. As we speak it's being mixed at Avatar Studios, New York. Keep coming back here. Maybe I'll put a teaser just on the website..


The artwork of the new album is ready! Thanks Sébastien Gairaud for the beautiful result. 


Here you can already watch the full version of the album teaser from the upcoming album, The Journey, made by Trui Amerlinck!



23/6 @ De Singer : 20:30

24/6 @ Jazzstation : 18:00


Good news! From November on there will be LP's of  The Journey for sale! I'll keep you posted about where to get them, when to get them.


'The Journey' already got very nice reviews! You can check them below.



* Rootsville


* Dragonjazz


* Written in music



                                          * Czech Music Direct (CD of the day 26/6/17)

* daMusic




* Jazz Rules -

* Time Out - Radio 1

* Musique 3 - Today In Jazz

* Hallo Zomer - RTV


From today on The Journey is officially released in Belgium! You can buy them at Fnac Aalst, Brugge, Leuven & Wijnegem (Antwerpen and Brussel from next week), Rombaux Brugge, Vynilla Gent, Mark Sound Kraainem, Sax Leuven.


From today on The Journey is also available at Fnac Antwerpen and Brussel!


From today on The Journey is also available on iTunes!

The Journey is finally available on vinyl! You can order it via me. Just send me a message on the 'contact'-page. They are already available in Fnac Brugge, Rombaux Brugge, Vynilla Gent and Music Mania Gent. 


The LP of the Journey is officialy released!


Will 2020 bring a new album? Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for the most updated info about that!


New year, new Instagrampage! Follow us for 'behind the scenes - teasers - new music - ...' #jellevangielgroup



Excerpt of a new tune I wrote while I was studying with Kris Defoort in the conservatory of Brussels.


We had a lot of fun playing at Maanrock, Mechelen! Thanks for everybody who came by and listen to us. Also congratz to Vortex to win the Jazz Contest Mechelen!

Little review (dutch) about the concert and the first day of Maanrock.


Some concerts coming up this week! 9/6, Ripspiqué, Lier. 10/6, Jazzkroegentocht Sint-Andries, Antwerp. 11/6, RockLobsterSessions, Antwerp *SOLD OUT*

Hope to cu there!


'Songs For Everyone' got some nice reviews! You can check them below.


'Songs For Everyone' now available in different stores and online: Rombaux Brugge (exclusive Gent Jazz & Jazz Middelheim store), Fnac Antwerpen - Wijnegem - Leuven - Brugge, Music Mania Gent and iTunes.


The teaser of the releaseconcerts is online now! Check it!






Happy to let you know that the cds are being pressed as we speak! Perfectly on time and what a great result! Next to that we're rehearsing for the release concerts. 18th of June we'll play our first one at Jazzstation, Brussels. 19th of June we'll play one at CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder. On these dates, at those places, the album will be sold with a nice discount!













Happy newyear everybody! I got you a present: "Cape Good Hope" can be downloaded for FREE for a limited period of time. Just follow the link to Bandcamp and click 'Free Download'!








CONTRACT SIGNED!! Glad to announce that Songs For Everyone will be released by Hevhetia! It was worth the wait.. More information about the release and other group related annancements will follow soon!



New Band App! Download the brand new app of Jelle Van Giel Group to stay in touch with what we are doing! Photos and videos from the concerts and the recording session will be posted here. New concerts too of course. It’s very easy! Go to with your smart phone and then add the page to your homescreen. From then on you can start using the app.



Pictures from the concert at Maanrock, Mechelen 26/682016. © 

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Pictures from the Rocklobstersessions #11, Antwerpen 11/6/2016. ©Bart Steenhaut

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Pictures from the concert at Ripspiqué, Lier 9/6/2016. © 

Pictures from the concert at Ripspiqué, Lier 9/6/2016. © 

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Pictures from the concert Kroegentocht Sint-Andries, Antwerpen 10/6/2016. © Stefan Int Panis

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Pictures from the concert at Jenevermuseum, Hasselt 27/5/2016. © R.H.

Pictures from the releaseconcert 'Songs For Everyone' at CC Muze, Hasselt 19/6/2015. © Freddy Vandervelpen

Pictures from the releaseconcert 'Songs For Everyone' at Jazzstation, Brussels 18/6/2015. © Stefan Int Panis

Pictures from the concert at Houtum Street, Kasterlee 2/2/2014. © Jos Knaepen

Pictures from the CD recording sessions, Studio Ace 12/1/2014. © Miek Van Belle, Boet Hehuat

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Pictures from the concert at CC Muze, Heusden Zolder 12/1/2014. © Miek Van Belle

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Pictures from the concert at JazzOra, Leuven 20/12/2013 © Miek Van Belle

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Pictures from the concert at Lokerse Jazzclub, Lokeren 2/02/2013. © Cedric Craps

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