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March 18, 2024

The physical copy will be available from 23 of March. Come and get your copy on our first releaseconcert at Sounds Jazzclub, Brussels or get it via BANDCAMP!

If you missed my radio interviews, you can check it out here:

January 10, 2024

Our EP is launched digitally since today! 🎉

Get your digital copy here:


You can check it out here:


Listening is great, but buying it is even greater! 🙏

January 02, 2024

The teaser of our EP is ready! Check it out:



Jelle Van Giel - drums/compositions
Roeland Celis - guitar

Ewout Pierreux - piano/keys

Yannick Peeters - double bass

Modern, instrumental, lyrical, improvisational poppy jazz band
Gilad Hekselman, Aaron Parks, Mike Moreno, among others

CLOSE DISTANCE is the new endeavour let by Jelle Van Giel, who is looking for new ways to compose in a smaller line-up, blending piano and guitar into melodies, with his typical style: melodic, energetic, emotional and rich in sound. The music is based on modern improvised music with atmospheric indie-rock influences and cinematic soundscapes, in a way that doesn’t make any concessions, but rather develops new possibilities.

Melodies evoke, rhythms ignite, harmonies resonate—an enchanting quartet full of energy.

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Close Distance recording EP - 29/10/23


Close Distance recording EP - 29/10/23

close D - Amor_edited.jpg

Close Distance - 14/06/23


Close Distance - 22/04/23

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