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Jelle Van Giel - drums/compositions
Thomas Mayade - trumpet/flugelhorn
Tom Bourgeois - alt sax/bass clarinet
Egor Doubay - tenor sax
Tim Finoulst - guitar/slide guitar
Bram Weijters - piano/keys
Janos Bruneel - double bass

Modern, instrumental, lyrical, improvisational jazz band
Ben Wendel Group, Braxton Cook, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Gilad Hekselman, Aaron Parks, Petros Klampanis, SFJazz Collective among others


The young drummer and composer makes a great debut with Songs For Everyone. He wrote nicely constructed songs for a big ensemble, sometimes almost completely pure, often with the necessary dramatic tension. (De Standaard****)
A much promising debut that also deserves an audience outside the jazz scene. (De Morgen****)
This is a 'must have' for everyone who enjoys lyrical and melodic jazz. Van Giel received congratulations for this album from the great Jef Neve and John Ruocco. We already look forward to the live performances of this music! (JazzMozaïek *****)
'It splashes, it sparkles, it embraces, in short it feels great to listen to this music!' (Cees Van de Ven)

2017: Laureate Maastricht Jazz Award

JELLE VAN GIEL GROUP is an Antwerp based instrumental band, established in 2012, with a classical jazz format that partly builds on that rich tradition, but also looks for new timbres and more modern, contemporary influences. Consider Miles Davis' line-up for Kind Of Blue, with the addition of an electric guitar to create even more effects and colors. The sound of the debut album Songs For Everyone (Hevhetia, 2015) combines the past and the present, which is always Jelle's starting point. This album is mainly based on modal jazz of the 50s, but also on rock, contemporary music and African rhythms. The arrangements are well thought-out, yet sometimes remarkably pure, with plenty of room for the musicians to provide their own input. The Journey (Hevhetia, 2017) starts from a tonal context with influences from bebop, modern jazz and grooves. With Third Story (Hevhetia), Jelle continues to develop his previous repertoire, even more colorous thanks to the expansion of the instrumental range, using bass clarinet, pedal steel and synths. As always, the songs come from the urge to grasp fascinating aspects of life: the increasing digitalisation, the current pandemic and even the restricted freedom of human beings and animals are converted into music. Undoubtedly unique on this album are the six duo intermezzos that Jelle improvises together with each of his musicians. This way he does not only place each of them in the spotlight, he lets everyone contribute to the story. The album is expected in 2021.
Jelle's strength is arranging a visual story around lyrical themes that touch you. This makes the music accessible to a wide audience. The first two albums were well received. The numerous great reviews and a lot of airplay at home and abroad prove this.

The Journey CD